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Footprint is a worker co-operative based at Cornerstone Resource Centre, Chapeltown, Leeds. Footprint was set up in July 2000 to provide printing services to the highest possible ethical and environmental standards. We also strive to make our printing as affordable as possible and offer a wide range of quality depending on your budget and the desired look and feel of your printed matter.

Our membership consists of five part-time members, each working about 15 hours a week. All members are directors of the company. We offer membership to all trained workers and everyone gets the same rate of pay.

We currently use three printing presses: A Riso RZ970E. 600 dpi A3 digital duplicator with capacity to print using black, green and red ink A Riso RP3700. 600 dpi digital duplictor which can only print in black Oki ES3640a3 LED Printer - Full colour A3+ (like a laser printer but better quality and less heat / power). We no longer use the machine on the right - we breathed a huge sigh of relief and pensioned off the AB Dick 385 offset lithograph when we bought our first laser printer.

The opportunity to buy the AB Dick was the catalyst for setting up Footprint and all our work was printed on it for several years until we bought the Risos. However, it involved hours spent in the cellar inhaling toxic fumes, getting covered in ink & solvents and battling to get decent copy out of an ancient piece of kit. It simply wasn't worth the aggro. It's still in our cellar though, since we built the door in after it arrived - we might actually pay you to take it away if you want it!

List of Equipment Used by Footprint

Risograph GR3770 Risograph RP3700 Risograph RZ970E

PS7R Rip SC7700 Rip

Oki ES3640a3 (full colour LED printer) Hewlett Packard 5000n (A3 mono laser printer) 3 PC's 1 Apple Mac

EBA Multicut 10/550E (SRA2 Powered Guillotine) 10 Station A3 collator (Horizon QC-P10) Morgana Kwikfold Booklet maker Uchidal folding machine

Big Ruler Cash Box A couple of Biros, some sellotape and 2 staple-removers.

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